Prior Personeelsdiensten is a temporary employment agency, which focuses on the employment and secondment of candidates on LBO/MBO/HBO and WO level, both in the technical professions within the engineering industry, metal, shipbuilding, electrical engineering, construction and (petrochemical) industry, as well as positions within logistics and production. Commitment, effort, reliability and long-term relations with the temporary agency worker and the client are key.

For employees, Prio Personeelsdiensten has everything you would expect of a good employer: good connections, excellent working conditions, interesting work and clarity. With this, Prior Personeelsdiensten applies the conditions of the ABU CAO.

Demanding employers will have come to the right place at Prior Personeelsdiensten; We keep to the agreements, supply excellent employees and have a very active attitude.

Are you at home in technology, logistics or production? And are you looking for a nice job from which you can really learn? Apply now at Prior Personeelsdiensten BV. We are constantly looking for motivated professionals, so there is a big chance you can get to work immediately on a project basis.

Prior Personeelsdiensten BV is connected to Stichting Normering Arbeid (SNA) and works according to NEN 4400-1 and VCU norms.

Apply now and start your career at:

Prior Personeelsdiensten BV
Tel. 0118-674074
Fax. 0118-63036

PO box 352
4330 AJ Middelburg
Herculesweg 16
4338 PL Middelburg